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Tristan Eaton and Dell….really??

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I pretty much have this man to blame for my obsession with collectible vinyl toys. One of the main artists to help get Kidrobot off the ground, the founder of Thunderdog Studios and pretty much the sole person to meld street art and toys together and then pretty much take it mainstream (in my eyes anyway). This guy is just pure awesomeness in my book and I really wish I could have 1/2 the success he has had doing something I love (art). I think you all might be surprised at how many of you have seen this man’s artwork already, just take a look at the client list at the website above.

To be honest with you, when I saw the video above I thought to myself, “Dell!!!….really?? Come on Tristan”, but then I gave it a bit more thought and realized how happy I would be if I was ever commissioned by anyone to put my artwork on something to be seen worldwide by people from all walks of life. I am happy for the guy, all an artist ever wants is for his artwork to be seen and appreciated by many without having to compromise his vision.

Be sure to check out all 3 designs here, and hey….if you haven’t been convinced yet that Apples are the only computers anyone should own (they are btw) then you can go here and buy one for yourself.

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GI Joe -vs- Robocop

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accelerator-suit-duke-packageaccelerator-suit-duke-figure I have to admit that I am actually pretty excited to see hollywood completely murder GI Joe with a big budget version full of overpaid actors and special effects galore and a horrible script. As if the cartoon had fantastic writers and was a high quality thought-provoking insight into the military mind. All in all, I am excited to see my favorite cartoon growing up on the big screen in live-action, but I am not expecting to say much more than “wow, that had a lot of action” when I leave the theatre.

One of my tweeps on twitter posted a link to the new Destro toy this morning, but the link ended up taking me to a video of a group singing Nintendo theme songs accappella instead. So I went out on my own search, because I needed to see this new Destro toy (Destro was always one of my favorites as a 10 year old).  What do I come across in my search?  Robocop Duke!! Honestly, WTF folks!?!?!  This is horrible.  If this is actually in the movie I think I might laugh hysterically. I hope to god this is not a glimpse of what is coming ou way this summer.

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Win This Dunny!!

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customonday-dustin-cantrell-542x372This plasma Dunny by Dustin Cantrell is by far one of the coolest custom Dunny’s I have ever come across, and guess what? You can win it!!

Read more about it and enter the contest here at Toy Cyte There is also a great interview with the artist himself.

Huck Gee Strikes Gold Again

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huckgeeThe man can do no wrong.  Huck Gee has created another set of amazing custom Munny’s to be sold for $750 through his eBay store. Only 10 will be available and are to be posted today.  And after checking, they either haven’t gone up yet or they are already gone via BIN.

This is the 3rd figure in his UTCMC Colonial Life Series of custom figures.

** Credit story to VinylPulse

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