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RA: Resident Advisor Top 100

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Resident Advisor
The Resident Advisor community has voted and come up with their list of the Top 100 DJ’s of 2008.
Anyone that know RA will not be surprised to see that unlike the “other” Top 100 DJ Poll, the top 10 is not stuffed full of Trance DJ’s. This poll is actually full of DJ’s pushing the boundaries of the electronic genre and really making the case to be called true artists on turntables. 

Many of you might argue when you see both Sasha and Digweed in the Top 10, but have you heard anything these two have done lately? These guys have been around since well before MP3’s were even a twinkle in someone’s eye and they are still pushing the limits and finding new ways to do what they do.  Just try and tell me the opening bassline on Digweed’s newest in the Transitions series didn’t make your jaw drop.

While you are checking out all 100 DJ’s, be sure to check out RA’s list of top albums, live acts, remixes and compilations as well.  There is a reason anyone who truly knows electronic music checks RA on a daily basis, these folks serve up the best of the genre and are all about finding the newest, ground breaking stuff out there.