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Loomstate… Target?!?!

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jacketIt finally happened, for the first time since the whole designers doing lines for discount retailers trend began a few years ago, I was actually excited about one of these collaborations.  My wife had been excited about many of these , but we were living in Vancouver for the past several years and so she was never able to get to any of the stores carrying the lines.  Now that we are back in the states, we get to partake of the sometimes sweet collabos.

So what am I so excited about? …Loomstate introduces their line for Target!!

I bought a pair of Loomstate jeans at Nordstrom’s about a year ago and fell in love; not only with the jeans themselves, but also for what the company stands for….high end quality denim/clothing, made with organic earth friendly cotton and made in green factories.  Essentially, high end designer clothes which are all green.  The line they created for Target doesn’t stray from these values and everything is equally as great as the stuff you will find in the boutiques and high-end department stores.

The nice thing about living in Utah is that if the local Target gets the line (not all stores usually carry them, only those in larger markets), there won’t be a line waiting to get in the store for the men’s line.  The women’s is another story, but the majority of Utah men think Old Navy polos and cargo shorts are uber hip.

When I arrived at the store the day they were putting out their Loomstate line (yes, I set a reminder in my calendar), I found quite the selection of amazing tops.  The shorts were not bad and the jeans were a bit disappointing (not the best color or cut).  There is a great jacket and hooded sweatshirt as part of the line as well. The best thing? Nothing in this line is over $50!!  So I walked away with 3 shirts, a sweatshirt and a jacket for under $200.  You cannot beat that, especially for great designer duds all made from 100% organic cotton and stylish as can be.

Go to Target guys, you need to get your hands on some of this stuff before it is gone.

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You’ll Wear Anything….

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iwear-your $66, 795
….is how much this guy will make with this brilliant little idea.  Okay, it’s not exactly a million dollar idea like the $1/pixel guy, but my guess is that at least $65k of this will be straight income for him.

I really need to come up with an idea like this.
I did have my a failed worldwide Munny adventure “Project Six”, but that ended somewhere between Denver and Iowa from what I am told.  It also wasn’t to make any money. I think I may just have to start that one back up again though, maybe with a smaller guy that is easier and cheaper to mail.

Anyway….kudos to this guy, 250 days of 365 already sold.

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