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Oxes do Oxxxes with 3 X’s

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oxxxesOxes are by no means a new band, in fact their album Oxxxes came out in 2002 and they’ve only released an EP since then, which came out in 2005; but if you have not heard these guys and you like dissonant, rhythmic guitar rock, you need to pick up Oxxxes.

If these Baltimore boys don’t get your head nodding and feet tapping, something is broke inside of you.  Yeah, there are no vocals, but honestly, vocals would ruin the awesomeness they get going on this album.  Can it be described? hmmmmm….. I guess you could say a bit of Clouds, a bit of DFA 1979, but with no vocals.

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Quicksand Reunites for Summer Tour!!

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quicksand-slip-coverThe music world has been set abuzz today with word that what was probably one of the most quietly influential bands of the 1990’s is in the rehearsal studios practicing for a worldwide summer reunion tour. Rumor has it there are also discussions of releasing the long lost album recorded just before they broke up.

No dates have been released yet, but all news is pointing towards a June/July tour through North America and then August and September overseas. Apparently they are not going through major promotions companies to book this tour.  All shows will be at small venues and booked by small local promoters. Walter has been cited as saying, “We want to get back to our roots and reconnect with all the fans that were there from the beginning. We want an intimate environment full of friends with local bands in each city opening for us, just like it was in the beginning.”

I don’t know about anyone else, but this news just made my entire year. I just hope the rumors about releasing the long lost album end up being true as well.

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Make Me Cry Dallas

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Two things to say about Dallas Green (aka: City & Colour):

1) the above song quickly earned it’s way onto my top 10 of 2008 and also became the theme for the birth of my daughter.  It damn near brings a tear to my eye everytime I hear it.  The man is a true musician.

2) If it weren’t for the other singer’s guttural screaming all the time, Dallas’ other band, Alexisonfire, would probably make it’s way onto my “great new post-hardcore” bands list (and yes, “new post-hardcore” is a genre) . Dallas, can’t you just sing? I know you guys are huge Quicksand fans (which is another reason you have my respect) and I’d have to say that if you were the sole singer, Alexisonfire could possibly be right up there as well, but just when you get a good rhythm going and one hell of a beat, I get a damn banshee screaming in my ear.   There is nothing wrong with a good screamer (Darryl Taberski), but someone that sounds like a dying cat going through puberty can ruin an otherwise amazing song.

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p.s. – Despite me really wanting to like Alexisonfire, but just not being able to; anyone who names their label after a Quicksand song has my undying respect and adoration (Dine Alone records).  Oh….and signs Walter himself.

Rockabye Baby…..Really??

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Before our baby was born, I was on the hunt for music to play to the tiny lady while still swimming around inside my wife’s stomach (yes, I know babies don’t really grow in stomachs).  I found an article somewhere about the Rockabye Baby series of discs, which consists of some of the more popular songs from mainly alternative and/or rock bands re-recorded as lullabies.

I downloaded a couple songs from each of a few albums to give them a listen, not knowing exactly what to expect.  What did I find?? These albums are crazy good. …and not just for kids.  I find myself listening to them even when my daughter is not around. Whoever came up with this idea is a damned genius. They are basically just lo-fi instrumental versions of hits from some of the best bands out there now and from back in music history.  You can choose from Metallica, Coldplay, Tool, The Cure, Smashing Pumpkins, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Bjork….etc, etc.  Click on the link above to see all 25 albums available.  My favorite by far is the Radiohead album.  It’s almost as if these songs were originally written with the intent to be lullabies.

Don’t have a baby? It doesn’t matter, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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March Hare – “Carol of the Bells”

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Tis the season, so I thought I’d share a very cool version of one of my all  time favorite Christmas songs. I could stand an entire Christmas album done in the same vein as this song, it’d probably never leave my iPod. Enjoy!
March Hare – Carol of the Bells

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