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Tweetie’s Not a Bird

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tweetsI found it, the hands down best Twitter application for the iPhone (in my opionion anyway).

Tweetie does it all and more; I am still finding features that I didn’t know were there.  Honestly, I have not seen a Twitter app yet for the iPhone that does as much as this one; plus, it never crashes and runs as smooth as my baby’s butt. The only problem I’ve had was whiel trying to take a photo to add to my tweet. The camera froze for some reason; but honestly, I am not sure if that was my camera being weird or the app.

Some of my favorite features are (taken from the link above):

  • Ability to handle multiple twitter accounts (although I only have 1 now).
  • View your timeline, replies, direct messages and favorites.
  • Browse your friends and followers.
  • Follow and unfollow people via buttons.
  • Mark tweets as favorites.
  • Inline web browser (this rocks, no flicking back and forth between Safari and the app itself).
  • Post links with automatic link shrinking via
  • Upload pictures to
  • Update your twitter location.
  • View twitter trends and perform custom searches.
  • Save your favorite searches.
  • Implements the full twitter API.
  • Go to User shortcut
  • Nearby search

If you Tweet and have an iPhone, the $2.99 you pay for this app is the best $2.99 you will ever spend. Pick it up soon and be amazed.

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If I Wasn’t an Apple Junkie

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creativeI wasn’t always an Apple junkie….okay I kind of was; but before I jumped on the iPod band-wagon I was in love with the MP3 players Creative was putting out.  Creative is known more for their superb sound and video cards, so you can only imagine what sound and video they get into  a pocket-size device.  The sound was always especially amazing and blew away anything my iPod produces.

I figured I would look into what Creative has been up to lately, since it’s been quite some time since we last “spoke”.

Their new Zen X-Fi looks pretty damn awesome to me. Video, X-Fi sound, Wireless LAN…the works, but the feature I am most impressed with has to be the X-Fi Audio. Anyone who knows a little something about computer audio knows that Creative’s X-Fi system was created to help restore what compression does to your music in MP3 format.  It makes the music on your MP3 player or home computer sound good again, and believe me it works.  After listening to nothing but MP3’s for so long, you forget what you are missing.  Listen to your favorite song in MP3 form and then go find it on the CD you ripped it from… do you realize how much you have been missing?

Being an audio junkie, I’d actually be afraid to get my hands on one of these bad boys.  Creative might just be able to convert me back.  If you aren’t an iPod/iPhone zombie like myself, you really should look into this little piece of equipment that I am sure creates musical bliss.

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My Most Used iPhone App

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Okay, so it might not really be my most used iPhone app, that honor goes to the Facebook app or Bejeweled 2, but it sure gets used a lot!

Any of the other cooks and the grocery shoppers of their household out there probably have the same list hanging on their fridge or an ongoing list with a pen next to it sitting on their counters somewhere.  A list that you need to be in the kitchen to update, so those things that you think of while in the bathroom at work (yep, I think groceries while taking care of business) or sitting in traffic, rarely ever actually make it onto your list by the time you make it home.  iPhone and/or iPod Touch users listen up….Grocery IQ is one of the greatest apps you can download for your electronic toy.

The number one reason to get it? Your grocery list is almost always on you and can be added to and updated at any time.  You think of something you need while in a budget meeting? Reach into your pocket, pretend you just got an important e-mail and add that can of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce to your list.

Other great things about this app?  Surely….

  • Creating favorites list to use for items you buy on a consistent basis
  • e-mailing your completed to someone else to do the shopping
  • an incredible search function for adding specific products
  • sorts everything by the aisle you will most likely always find them on
  • you simply check everything off while you shop and everything goes into a history folder when you are done

Sure, it’s not one of those apps you see and think “oh shit, I have to have that!!”, but once you get it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t download it sooner.
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