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Oxes do Oxxxes with 3 X’s

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oxxxesOxes are by no means a new band, in fact their album Oxxxes came out in 2002 and they’ve only released an EP since then, which came out in 2005; but if you have not heard these guys and you like dissonant, rhythmic guitar rock, you need to pick up Oxxxes.

If these Baltimore boys don’t get your head nodding and feet tapping, something is broke inside of you.  Yeah, there are no vocals, but honestly, vocals would ruin the awesomeness they get going on this album.  Can it be described? hmmmmm….. I guess you could say a bit of Clouds, a bit of DFA 1979, but with no vocals.

Make Noise!!!

March Hare – “Carol of the Bells”

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Tis the season, so I thought I’d share a very cool version of one of my all  time favorite Christmas songs. I could stand an entire Christmas album done in the same vein as this song, it’d probably never leave my iPod. Enjoy!
March Hare – Carol of the Bells

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