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On the Right Track Big 3

Posted in Rants with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on January 13, 2009 by JD

The Detroit Auto show was this past week and it would appear that the big 3 are pulling out all the stops in the field of electric and hybrid cars. …and it’ about goddamn time!!  Of course the pessimist in me asks….. is this only a front to get the feds off their backs for a bit? Will these cars actually even see the light of day?  Will they give up on them like GM did the EV1 years ago? (go rent “Who Killed the Electric Car?”)  US car makers are great at producing amazing concepts, but then they just go on putting the same old shit in the showrooms.  Let’s hope they change their ways.

Among my favorites from this year’s show….

The Chrysler 200C EV

“Chrysler promises this vehicle, or one like it, will head to the showrooms soon.”   I like the “or one like it” part. This means, it won’t be nearly this cool and Chrysler will wonder why it isn’t selling, then blame everyone but themselves.

The Chevrolet Spark
Actually revealed two years ago and not hitting the showrooms until 2011, the final version of this car will debut at the Geneva Auto Show in March and will go on sale in Europe a year before it hits the US. But of course, the US Big boys make all their best cars for the European markets.  I am sure they will find some reason to not bring this to the US…possibly due to “poor sales in the EU”.  (* note: this is not a hybrid or electric, just a cool compact.  Although they could easily make this a great little electric… and should)


Cadillac Converj
I am not even going to bother with commentary because this one will never see the light of day.  Just look at the picture and imagine yourself never behind the wheel of a car this cool.


Like I said, we’ll see what the US automakers produce to stay afloat, but I get the feeling that we won’t be seeing anything awesome anytime soon.

Make noise!!


Nate Wade Love

Posted in customer service with tags , , , , , on December 30, 2008 by JD

My wife and I bought a new car last summer and after a full 10 hour day of car shopping (my wife was 9 months pregnant at the time mind you, so some of you will appreciate what that means) we decided to to with the Subaru Legacy we drove at Nate Wade Subaru. Why Mr Wade over the others? Customer service folks…customer service.

A relaxed, friendly neighborhood environment and an absolutely no pressure sales experience is what did it for us. The salesman knew his stuff and every employee there made us feel like a member of the family.

I took the car in for its first oil change, and even after 4 months, nothing has changed. The dorky cousin was back for a visit and they once again made me feel right at home.
The first oil change was free and they threw in a valve stem cover to replace the one I had already lost. I found a free bottle of touch-up paint in the car when I got in to drive away. Plus, the coffee I had while there was great!! Not the usual crap you get for free which has probably been sitting out for days.

Way to Nate Wade… Kudos to you.