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Summer Essentials – “Sounding A Mosaic”

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bedouin2One of the last places you might ever expect a summer essential album to come from would be Canada, no? Well these guys from Toronto definitely embody the sound of the islands…which islands? Who cares, just islands okay?!  Work with me here….

“Sounding a Mosaic” is Bedouin Soundclash’s second album, but the first one that really got them any notoriety outside of Canada. Imagine Toots with a bit of Marley kicked up a notch or two and written for us 21st century folks. It definitely has a bit of a hip edge to it, probably having worked with Darryl from the Bad Brains during the recording of the album. Hell there’s even electro DJ remixes as the last two songs on the album.

So the standouts to add to your summer playlist?

The title track, “When the Night Feels My Song” is surely an essential for any get together and “Living in Jungles” has a bit of a faster beat if the party needs a bit of a pick-me-up. Keep the people shakin’ it with “Gyasi Went Home” and give the party a bit of a Marley tune without the Marley (not that there is anything wrong with Marley, but everyone plays that at BBQ’s) by adding “Money Worries” to that playlist.

As a bonus:
If you like “Sounding A Mosaic”, go out and get their follow-up album, “Street Gospels”
Some standouts form that album are “Until We Burn In the Sun“, “Walls Fall Down“, “St Andrew’s“. I highly recommend downloading “St Andrews” right now if you need a happy little tune to give your day a pick-up.

Make Noise this summer!

Hockey at Dinner

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hockey-light Here is one for you my Canadian friends.  Who wouldn’t want an entire hockey arena hanging over their dinner table, eh?  To think that this could be all yours and you could be enjoying the feel of a hockey game at your next dinner party is well worth the $225 you pay for it. Wait, make that $270 (cdn).  Head on over to Lighting by LUX and check it out.

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Make Me Cry Dallas

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Two things to say about Dallas Green (aka: City & Colour):

1) the above song quickly earned it’s way onto my top 10 of 2008 and also became the theme for the birth of my daughter.  It damn near brings a tear to my eye everytime I hear it.  The man is a true musician.

2) If it weren’t for the other singer’s guttural screaming all the time, Dallas’ other band, Alexisonfire, would probably make it’s way onto my “great new post-hardcore” bands list (and yes, “new post-hardcore” is a genre) . Dallas, can’t you just sing? I know you guys are huge Quicksand fans (which is another reason you have my respect) and I’d have to say that if you were the sole singer, Alexisonfire could possibly be right up there as well, but just when you get a good rhythm going and one hell of a beat, I get a damn banshee screaming in my ear.   There is nothing wrong with a good screamer (Darryl Taberski), but someone that sounds like a dying cat going through puberty can ruin an otherwise amazing song.

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p.s. – Despite me really wanting to like Alexisonfire, but just not being able to; anyone who names their label after a Quicksand song has my undying respect and adoration (Dine Alone records).  Oh….and signs Walter himself.