Quality = Less Repairs & Customer Loyalty?

fiesta The Salt Lake Tribune’s Autos section this past  Friday cited a pilot that Ford Motor Company conducted over the course of the past year or two. The pilot was to see what would happen if they increased the overall quality of their vehicles by not cutting corners like usual and going for the cheapest parts available.

This pilot had the most amazing results, nothing anyone could have ever predicted…..required warranty service repairs dropped drastically, saving the company millions of dollars and customer loyalty increased!!

Seriously Ford??? You actually had to pilot a program to see what would happen if you made quality vehicles?? This is just sad and is a true testament as to why the US automakers are in such dire straits right now.

On a lighter note…..Ford did finally figure out that all the cool cars they make for the European market for years just might fly in the US as well.  The EU version of the Ford Fiesta will be introduced stateside in 2011 (and believe me, this is not the ghetto Fiesta we in America know) and they are currently running a contest to find 100 people to be the first to “own” one.  All you have to do is create a short video telling them why you should be chosen and then upload it to Youtube.  100 winners will get to “own” the car for 6 months, plus, Ford pays your gas and insurance.

Make Noise!


7 Responses to “Quality = Less Repairs & Customer Loyalty?”

  1. I won! Follow me on twitter as I pick up my car in a couple of weeks. @creede

    I probably won’t be posting my video’s on Grassrootsmodern, I’m currently looking for a good domain name for a more generic blog.

  2. That is awesome!! Congratulations.
    I would love to see your video, is it still up on Youtube?

  3. Yeah, here’s a link.

    The video really wasn’t that quality, I’m surprised I actually won. I think there was another winner from SLC, don’t be surprised if you see two magenta Fiesta’s rolling around.

  4. Yeah, with 100 cars as prizes it would make sense to try and do 2 in each state. I was hoping to be one in Utah, but it probably would have helped to actually make a video.

  5. Awesome video by the way. It’s always simplicity that takes the prize in my book.

  6. Thanks. Tweet @ me in a month and I’ll swing by and give you a ride. @creede

    • Careful what you wish for….
      I am actually pretty excited about this car, so I might actually take you up on that offer and then you’ll end up staying to give me design tips on our remodel. 😉 mwa hahaha (evil laughter ensues)

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